We breed quality registered Myotonic (Fainting) Goats for show, pet or occasionally meat.  We love our goats and yearly vaccinate for tetanus and clostridium perfringens (over eating disease).  We participate in the national scapie eradication program.  Our kidding season is usually from April-June.
Myotonic goats have a range of conformation and types and are termed “fainting” for the muscle condition   called myotonia congenita. If a goat is startled or surprised, instead of running away, it’s muscles lock up which may cause it to fall down.  The animal is fully awake and recovers within seconds. This inherited trait leads to an overall increase in muscle mass so that the goats are very muscular when compared to other breeds of similar size.  This makes them a great meat goat.  Myotonics are easily managed goats as they do not like jumping fences, are overall docile and have a high resistance to parasites.  Not all myotonics have the same degree of “fainting” and some will rarely show even stiffening of the rear legs. For more information see the Myotonic Goat Registry website at: http://myotonicgoatregistry.net/MGRbreeddescription/MGRBreeddescription.html

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