Before focusing on the Myotonic goat breed, we tried out goat ownership with three Pygmies. We named them Patience, Trial and Error as they were the “guinea pig goats”.  Pygmy goats are a small dual purpose breed, bred for milk and meat in their native West African origin.  Currently in the U.S. they are primarily pet goats.  Pygmies were chosen due to their small size as surely a small goat can’t jump a 3 foot fence.  That idea was quickly found false when all three goats including heavily pregnant Trial jumped the fence to eat on the lawn.  Trial delivered Triumph two weeks after arriving.

Fresh eggs from Black Laced Sliver and Columbian Wyandottes, Brown Leghorns, Golden Comets, Astra Whites and Easter Eggers are occasionally for sale.  Our hens are free roaming and lay brown, white and green colored eggs.  After you try a fresh farm egg, store bought eggs seem pale in comparison.

Far Ago Farm is managed by Elaine Koski whose lifelong interest is in animal husbandry, horticulture, and passing the knowledge onto others.  She has a bachlor's degree in Animal Science, was previously employed as a Animal Veterinary Technician, Stable Attendant, and Gardener.  She additionally worked as a Medical Technologist and Regulatory Affairs Professional and currently is enjoying being a Certified Cancer Registrar. She is a Master Gardener and has participated in dog agility and obedience trials with her Golden Retriever.   She is in the process of training the farm English Shepherds in goat herding and freestyle (dancing with dogs).  She has attended numerous goat workshops and seminars and is an avid reader of articles on goat husbandry. Besides being a goat lover, she also loves equines including horses, donkeys and mules.